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Pierson Swanson is a Singer-Songwriter from Baltimore, Maryland. An upbringing saturated with an eclectic blend of jazz, classic rock and Motown has shaped his unique sound that lends itself to a day at the beach or a night under the stars. After graduating from James Madison University, with a just a few songs in his back pocket, Pierson took the leap and moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a career in songwriting and performing. A beach bum at heart, Pierson’s silky sound is reminiscent of Zac Brown, Jack Johnson, and Jimmy Buffett, while staying feet firmly planted in a style of his own - in the sand. Following the move to Nashville in 2019, Pierson found himself enamored with the distinguishable twang of Nashville. 

His vocal talent and seemingly effortless ability to write a transportive hook have already gained him a coveted reputation for songwriting in town. In addition to contributing his capacity for writing to other projects, Pierson is working on releasing his debut EP.

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Somebody Like You DEMOPierson Swanson
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Back To You DEMOPierson Swanson
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Better Day DEMOPierson Swanson
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Gone DEMOPierson Swanson
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Castaways DEMOPierson Swanson
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